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Marion Krieger
Expresive Arts Coach, HR Expert

Maureen is a trained Expressive Arts Coach (M.A.) singer, songwriter, Chemist (Ph.D) and a learner who asks 'what does it involve to be human?' and 'what keeps us healthy?'. As a modern world citizen, living away from my home country, she cherishes the community that making art together builds. She is Irish with German Heritage, with an intercultural humour and  works in German and English.

Interplay of our colours
Is a deep joy
Why I get involved
Why exchange is what matters
Lets our own colours shine
Its joy multiplies
Its joy multiplies

Maureen Murphy
Founder, Expressive Arts Coach M.A., Ph.D Chemistry

Who we are


 We all have it, and we use it to stay healthy. It is our innate capacity to move through difficulty, co-creating with what there is

Expressive Arts

Through work with artistic materials you will re-find your creativity and be astonished at its impact on your capacity to enjoy life