Sense & Success

We provide expressive arts assisted coaching to private individuals and business clients for personal challenges, business challenges, life challenges, improved health.

Within the structure of a coaching session we provide a framework to guide you in artistic making. In the process of art making, playfulness is shaping your learning to solve underlying issues. 

In a coaching session, which typically lasts 1.5 hours, about half an hour is given to this art making. The surprising discoveries you make and the capabilities you remember you have will provide clues to resolving the challenge you face.

You don't need any artistic experience or skills, just an openness to experiment within a safe framework and using artistic materials. As well as finding unique, simple and profound responses to your life situation, you will develop your capacity to improvise and find joy in your surroundings.

Art modalities we work with include collage, installation, movement, sound, music, word art, role-play, drawing, performance art. The nature of expressive art work is that one modality can open to another. This helps to crystallize the essence of what is important to your deepest self.

"Expressive Arts Coaching is about becoming a source of nourishment and inspiration to yourself." 

Coaching is helpful for :

  • Improved wellbeing
  • Personal development
  • Professional challenges
  • Life challenges


Expressive Arts Coaching and Consulting