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Expressive Arts Coaching and Consulting is more than just using art as a tool. It is a system for integrating various art forms into a session in order to activate the creative centers of participants' brains ("right brain" activation).  This process links the creative, intuitive mind to the challenge at hand, and draws out unique, simple, and often profound solutions.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them
​Albert Einstein

Expressive Arts can be used to benefit companies and their employees in a variety of ways,      including: 

*         Brainstorming Sessions for strategic company vision and other significant 

           management objectives 

*         Problem Solving Workshops to solve technical and non-technical challenges large 

           and small 

*         Coaching of Individuals to help solve challenges in the workplace and to increase 

          their resilience to stress, and challenges such as taking on increased responsibilities,        

          or new organisational structures 

*         Team Building Workshops to build team spirit and resolve tensions between team  


*         Resilience Workshops to help employees increase their stress resilience and improve       

           both their satisfaction and engagement at work, as well as their happiness and energy 

           outside of work 

Sense & Success's trained consultants have many years experience in various business areas,  

 and thoroughly understand the corporate environment and the challenges of the modern work 


Expressive Arts Coaching and Consulting