Feedback about Coaching

The coaching today was very good, insightful, and inspiring. Thank you so very much. You facilitated the session very professionally, and made me feel at ease. Also, you balanced perfectly the challenge of granting enough free space on the one hand, so that I truly could open up and become introspective and creative, while on the other hand providing enough guidance so that I could work in a focused manner. Overall, this made for a wonderful result I am still reflecting upon. Precious!

I was appreciating the opportunity/space for that kind of freeform expression again, and you offer that in such a relaxed and open way. Thank you!  

Es gelang Dir mein weitschweifiges Darlegen meiner momentanen beruflichen Situation fokussiert genau zu erfassen. Nebst der Methodik, die Du meines Erachtens gekonnt angewandt hast, warst Du offen, auch auf eine intuitiv sensible Art, das Zentrum meines Anliegens herauszuschälen. Das bewerte ich als hohe Kunst - mit dem Mensch zu sein, ihn im Augenblick zu erfassen, wie er ist. So habe ich meinen Spielraum geweitet und eine neue Perspektive einnehmen können.

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Feedback about Team building Workshops

Faster Team Building. (Role finding and also settlement/open discussion of tensions/issues on a neutral "play ground". Good tool to facilitate people's creativity. Creating a good distance to daily work ….. something new can develop.Creates a platform for encounter

Playing together gives an insight about natural behaviour/habits of team members (leader, moderator, active member) and helps to clarify roles in a team in an agreeable manner (shorter storming phase).

well, music is orchestral - and our "game" has to be like a concert otherwise it's not working 

​Having some fun together and still working at a goal was a good experience

I found it interesting to see that we can all work together to achieve a common aim despite coming from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. I saw that some people don't like to be taken outside of their comfort zones, but that this is where they can be at their most creative. 

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Feedback about Resilience Workshops

“It’s been an amazing experience, thank you very much”“Spread the word amongst helping professionals… Expressive Arts is burn out prevention”

“The workshop for me was very helpful in a way that I didn't see until it happened…(it) provided a space to build trust within hours”.  

Thank you.. for a different experience of 'Art' and connecting to my inner self ! 

Writing a poem was beating my expectations (of myself) as I really never did it before. It made me think everyone can learn to be arty.