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Building Resilience

Building Resilience with Expressive Arts

One-day workshop held in Basel, Switzerland

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Please call or SMS at 079 2742077 or email: info@senseandsuccess or use the contact form to register

The workshop is designed to support anyone who wants to stay healthy despite stress and corporate workers with the high demands, which this work environment places on people and the dominant force of analytical thinking.


Through two art-based explorations (visual and movement) you research the questions “What keeps me healthy despite
stress?” and “How can I bring more resilience into my life?”

Though coming together as a group, you work with your individual situation to find unique, custom ideas and ways of seeing that support health for you. By sharing our collected experience we can multiply its impact by receiving and giving.

It’s a day for you to reflect and check-in with yourself regarding your work-play life balance. You will re-discover your power to create opportunities. Cut through the haze of disempowerment of limited choices, and give yourself a renewed sense of possibility and your potential to influence your daily life.

You will become aware of the sources of energy and nourishment for you, and identify concrete steps to sustain these sources in these busy times. You can recover your capacity to act in the present and be less focused on the virtual future.

Sense & Success

Group sessions, weekly

Staying in the flow

Expressive Arts  together to stay in balance

Ongoing group workshops every friday lunchtime 11:30 to 13:30 

Please call or SMS at 079 2742077 or use the contact form to register

Im Esterli 9, Riehen

Prepare for the weekend by entering the outcome free space of creating with what comes up, digesting your week, and restoring the balance of mind and heart

Ideal for those who want to get to know Expressive Arts, and who want to explore the authenticity and flexibility, which the co-creating attitude brings to our lives. No artistic experience needed - just curiosity to play with the materials and awaken the senses

Charge: 40 CHF per week. You can come once or stay for 10 sessions, 3rd and 7th time is free.


English or german depending on the group (max 5)